Dr. Clare Burgess

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Clare Burgess is a pharmacologist who has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 24 years across a wide range of therapeutic areas. She has a broad knowledge of drug development from candidate selection through to Phase 3 clinical trials gained through roles at GSK (and legacy companies) as a Toxicology Study Director, Clinical Development Director and Global Project Leader, leading multidisciplinary teams across the USA and Europe. At GSK, Clare was the Clinical leader for an atypical antipsychotic drug taking it from FTIH to Phase 2b. Within this project she completed a Phase 1b safety study in schizophrenia patients (a first at GSK) and delivered one of the first fully adaptive proof of concept studies in patients with acute schizophrenia. Clare also designed and gained EMA endorsement for a first of its kind, thorough QTc study in patients with chronic schizophrenia (an industry first). Prior to joining Immune Regulation (formerly Peptinnovate) as COO, Clare was Head of Development and then COO at Helperby Therapeutics.