We are committed to restoring a healthy immune system for long term disease remission.

What We Do

Immune Regulation is a clinical stage biotech company, pioneering new technologies for resetting the immune system, developing novel, first-in-class therapies for inflammatory and immunological diseases.

Existing therapies are designed to suppress the immune system and require chronic dosing to treat the inflammation, frequently causing severe side effects.

Our first-in-class drug immune-resetting therapies have demonstrated unique efficacy and safety in preclinical and human studies without suppressing the immune system. These therapies exhibit a short pharmacokinetic activity but reset the immune system from a pro-inflammatory to a regulatory state to induce long-term disease remission in patients with allergic and immune mediated diseases, without the negative effects of chronic current therapies.

At Immune Regulation, our aim is to develop novel, safe and effective therapies that reset the immune system, transforming the lives of patients with inflammatory and immunological diseases.



Immune Regulation Ltd, announced today that the company will give a corporate overview at the virtual 39th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference on Thursday, January 14 at 7:30 a.m. EST. Group CEO Jonathan Rigby will present information relating to the Company’s immune resetting therapeutics, ‘1104 and ‘1805, that are in clinical development to treat allergic and autoimmune diseases.

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